Cutting Progression

Prerequisite Skills Needed:

Bilateral coordination - using both hands together
Visual motor skills - eye hand coordination
Development of dominant and non-dominant hand - dominant hand is established by age 5, but preferred hand can be noticed by age 3 or earlier
Development of use of non-dominant hand for stabilization of objects
Interest in cutting

2-3 years

Shows interest in scissors
Able to open and close with two hands
Snips paper, paper may be held by adult for stabilization

3-4 years

Can cut in a straight line about 4 inches across with line about 3/4th inch wide

3 1/2 - 4 1/2 years

Cuts gentle curves or large circles, line about ½ inch wide

4-6 years

Cuts simple figure shapes including squares, triangles and smaller circles (diameter of 4 ½ inches)

6-7 years

Cuts complex figure shapes such as sharp angles, zig zags

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